Saturday, March 7, 2009


The intent is three fold:

1. I want to share an overview of my perceptions regarding the evolution of major Architecture trends over the past 100+ years. 2. I will propose a direction that I think architecture should be going as the world moves deeper into the current millennium.

3. I will share a few highlights of recent experiences in my professional life.

My perspective for these three blogs will be art aesthetics’ fundamental principle of defining “totality in art” as consisting of the Object, the Observer and the Artist-- to this; I would add “time” to account for the unique nature of Architecture and the performing arts. Additionally, we must consider the environment for architecture and other environmental “art”.

I accept that most aestheticians consider Architecture to be a “servile” or useful art as is pottery, etc... In the main stream of architecture this is appropriate; however, there is a level of architectural endeavor that I contend transcends servility to demand evaluation as pure art, not withstanding the inherent functionality of the “transcended” architecture. I have enjoyed a limited but unique involvement in transcendent architecture.

I am dealing in terms of a “first principles” orientation in my priority thinking. If we can agree on these first principles or agree to their amendment then a meaningful dialogue can develop regarding the future of architecture in the service of mankind.

See Blogs one and two

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